Thursday, July 18, 2019

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How to Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

How to Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors:
Kids always want to be busy with their activities. At present, the kids have a lot of options to play indoor and outdoor games. But the kids are getting addicted more towards indoor games and avoid going outdoors. In the indoor games, the kids are stuck with either television or a video game or smart phone which is not good for their health. As a parent, you want your kids to be active at indoors as well as outdoors, but you can't force them. You should encourage your kids to go outside and play outdoor games.

01. Let Kids Be Kids In Outdoor Activities

Kids often like to go outside and play their own games. But they have the fear of getting messy and the parents will scold them. Therefore the kids often choose to stay in home and watch television for hours. In such circumstances, you should encourage the kids to go outside. You should tell the kids that it's okay if they get dirty while playing outdoors. You are not going to scold them for getting messy, so the kids will definitely go out for play their favorite games for hours.

02. Put Restrictions on Usage Time of Gadgets

Kids are free all the time during summer vacation, so they enjoy complete freedom during this period. But you must put some restrictions on kids using electronic gadgets. We don't say that you keep your kids away from all gadgets. Just set a limit of one or two hours a day when kids can watch TV or play games on smart phone or PlayStation. Thereafter, you should shutdown the gadget so that the kids have to find something outside to get entertained.

03. Give Equipment for Outdoor Games

Kids often get bored of playing hide & seek and blindfold catch games. That can be the main reason of why the kids are not going outside. You must know which sports activity your kids love. If they love cricket, buy them a cricket kit. If they love football, just buy one football and install big net at nearby ground. Once you provide necessary equipment, you don't need to tell your kids about going out. The kids will automatically go out and play their favorite sports game.

04. Get Nerf Guns and Melee Weapons

Many kids like to play the outdoor games that include a mission. Nerf Guns are the best toy guns for the kids to play outdoor games. You should buy the Automatic Nerf Gun and Melee Weapons for your kids. Thereafter you can teach them how to play an nerf war battle as one on one or one team v/s other team. You can encourage the kids by setting a prize for everyone in the end of the nerf game. They will definitely love to play with nerf guns at outdoor like garden, playground or other place.

05. Organize An Outdoor Nature's Visit

It is god for every human being to stay connected with nature. Not just kids but adults should also be with nature for several minutes in a day. You can plan a family picnic or the visit to a natural place for two-three days. You should take your kids to a mountain or forest area and let them stay with nature for sometime. They should climb the trees, eat fresh fruits & vegetables and know the names of different plants. This will improve kids' knowledge & interest in our nature and its role in environment.

06. Ask Them To Do Something Artistic

Some kids love to make drawings and make paintings, while other kids like to pain pots and other things. You should know what your kids are interested with. So you need to arrange an artistic activity at outdoor place and allow your kids to draw & paint what they want. You should give your kids plain papers, pencil and colors to show their creativity. Just as them to go outside and make drawing/painting of anything they like. Such activity will surely attract them to play outdoors.

07. Ask Your Kids to Water The Garden

Most kids like to play with water, but only playing will be a useless activity. There we recommend you to add some productive activity with it. If you have a small garden outside your home then it's a great option. You just need to ask your kids to water the garden. The watering process will take time based on the size of the garden. You should teach the kids how to water the garden and how much water to pour on one plant.

Indoor games and Outdoor activities are equally important for the kids. The parents should allows the kids to stay indoor for some hours and play at outdoors for some hours. The outdoor games and activities are good for health and overall development of the kids. When the kids are bored of staying inside, it's your duty to encourage them to go outside and play various sports games with other kids.


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